More Information on Invasive Plants

The Sudbury-Assabet-Concord River Watershed Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (SuAsCo-CISMA, which includes Acton) has a management plan available (PDF). It provides a list of twenty-eight invasive plant species which should be prioritized for eradication (all the species on this site are on their list).

The Massachusetts Invasive Plant Advisory Group (MIPAG) provides excellent guidance about what plants should be considered invasive in Massachusetts. They provide three lists of invasive plants, and one of plants which were considered but determined to be not invasive:

The USDA has a list of plants considered invasive and prohibited from sale/distribution by Massachusetts, but the state Energy and Environmental Affairs states that the plants listed as invasive by MIPAG are all prohibited from sale/distribution.

The Invasives Atlas is a great resource. Unfortunately, it isn't localized (it lists species which the MIPAG decided weren't invasive in Massachusetts).

The Acton Conservation lands are maintained by the Acton Land Stewards Committee. In the past, plans have been made to address invasive species in Acton Conservation lands. Those plans are:

Jim Snyder-Grant's notes on Acton Invasives include conservation land surveys from 2006.

Please volunteer to help eliminate invasive plants around Acton!

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