Persicaria perfoliata a.k.a. Polygonum perfoliatum) [ USDA, Wikipedia, GoBotany ] Mile-A-Minute Plant

Mile-a-minute is an annual scrambling vine, with small, curved barbs covering the stem, petioles, and leaf undersides. The bluish-green leaf is set on long petioles, and looks like a slightly forked equilateral triangle.

Circular bracts are located at nodes along the stem, with small white flowers located on stalks extending above these bracts. By June, the flowers have developed into green berries which turn blue later in the summer.

Invasive mile-a-minute weed

Removal is usually through manual pulling of the seedlings throughout the growing season.

Unlike the other plants on this site, there are currently no known infestations of Mile-A-Minute in Acton. There are infestations in Westford and Littleton, however, and early detection is crucial in controlling this plant.

Common Mis-Identifications

Hedge False Bindweed (Calystegia sepium ssp. appalachiana) [ USDA, Wikipedia ] (e.g. found in Jenks conservation land) can be confused with Mile-a-minute. The leaves differ in that Mile-a-minute's leaves are complete triangles, where False Bindweed has a square notch at the top.

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