Multiflora Rose

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Multiflora Rose (Rosa multiflora) [ USDA, Wikipedia, GoBotany, IPANE ]

Multiflora Rose is a densely spreading perennial shrub that can grow up to 15 ft. tall. It has shiny, thorny arching canes that can be red to green in color. The leaves are alternate and pinnately compound, with 5-11 serrated, elliptic leaflets that are 1-1.5 in. long. These leaves are smooth and dark above and pale with small hairs below. This plant produces fragrant flowers during May and June. Each inflorescence bears many flowers, and the flowers have five white (occasionally pink) petals and numerous stamens. Red fruits develop in mid to late summer, are nearly spherical and measure 0.25-0.3 in. in diameter. It can be identified by the hairs along the sides of the base of the leaf stems.

Multiflora Rose is a serious invasive around Acton. It forms impenetrable thickets wherever it is given the chance. Removal of the root cluster is necessary to kill the plant. Long vines will form roots anywhere they touch ground. Protective gear (including eye protection) is required for working with this plant. Its vicious thorns can easily pierce light cloth and jeans.

It is found on all Acton conservation lands.

Common Mis-Identifications

Multiflora Rose fringed stipules

Look for the hairs along the base of the leaf stems (fringed stipules) to identify this plant. Occasionally you may instead encounter these natives:

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